School Council

Our School Council is group of children who are elected to
represent the views of pupils and to improve our school.

They have meetings with Mrs Wain every four weeks

 Our members for the school year 2017 - 2018 will follow shortly


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Minutes of the meetings are placed on a School Council Notice Board in the hall

A School Council Suggestion Box is located in the hall - our children are encouraged to use this to help improve our school.

Next Meeting 17th July 2017 at 1.15pm - Governors Showcase



Meeting held - Friday 30th June 2017

Governors to judge the welcome sign entries

Heidi to write a letter to a grandad in nursery for the wooden furniture donation,
and also to lots of companies who have donated raffle prizes for this years Summer Fayre

New playhouse will be put up in KS1 playground in the Summer Holidays

Discussion about the showcase for governors on 17th July, Mrs Wain to organise more rehersal time so the showcase goes well.


Meeting held - Thursday 18th May 2017

 Friendship sign is now on the field

PIPs to buy a play shed for KS1 playground
Discussion about fundraising ideas

Meeting held - Friday 28th March 2017

 PIPS have released £100 to spend on topic related CHIL equipment, teacher to decide what is needed 

The site manager is putting up the friendship stop sign under the canopy on the field
The council are to email Wilko to see if they can help with the supply of bricks to enhance our brick collection
Mrs Parker from HomeXperts has donated £100 construction equipment to the school

Meeting held - Thursday 23rd March 2017


One class have submitted their design for a welcome sign - children to remind their class teachers for other designs
The PIPS fundraising group have agreed to buy new topic CHIL equipment
The council welcomes the Toy collection the PIPS group are planning, specific toys are needed however
The friendship stop sign will be put up under the canopy on the field and should be in  use after Easter

Meeting held - Monday 20th February 2017

Mrs Dobbs from the PIPS group joined the meeting to discuss how fundraising can help the school
The friendship stop sign is to be put on the field
Extension to the date for the new school welcome sign

Meeting held - Thursday 3rd February 2017

New school welcome sign - designs to be in by 3rd March
PIPS group meet with the school council to discuss their fundraising ideas that will benefit the school
The School Council discussed their own fundraising ideas.

The council wrote to Mrs Hamon to thank Christ Church for then allowing the school to use the church for the Nativity Plays at Christmas

Meeting held - Thursday 9th December 2016

Pupils to work in the new year on designing a new school welcome sign
 Mrs Wain is in contact with a business member of the community, who may be willing to help with outdoor play equipment
Decision made that the school would like a play shed in the KS1 playground
The council members wrote a letter of thanks to North Notts College Students for helping build a patio/play area in the play park


Meeting held - Thursday 10th November 2016

 The children decided on the following for this year:

Improvements to the play area and playground in KS1
They would like a new role play house
Designing a new school welcome sign
A shelter in the play ground

 Meeting held: - Wednesday 6th October 2016

At this meeting the children talked about the School Council responsibilities

They discussed special project ideas for the year
More playground toys
A new bench/table for KS1 playground
Extension to the school for more classroom space
New playhouse for KS1 playground
Shelter for playgrounds
New School Welcome Sign

The first introduction meeting was held on 15th September 2016

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