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We started our art week by looking at different techniques. We thought about symbols that had been important to us over the last year and used different techniques to create colourful hearts using the colours of the rainbow.  We had a go at pastel rubbings, weaving and even had a go at pointillism - a painting technique using dots. Have a look at our super art work.

Rangoli, Mandala and Mehndi patterns.

We looked at the use of pattern in different Indian art techniques.  Whilst working at home we looked at Rangoli patterns.  Rangoli is a colourful design that is used by Hindu's around the time of Diwali.  These patterns are drawn on the floor outside of houses to welcome guests.  The designs are bright and colourful and make use of pattern and shape.  Back at school we created our own Mehndi designs.  Mehndi is a form of body art usually drawn on the hands or legs for weddings and other cultural celebrations. We also looked at Mandalas. A mandala is a geometric design that is very symbolic and important in Hindu culture. Take a look at our fantastic creations.

Animal Masks

The Tiger is the national animal of India, the Peacock is the national bird of India and elephants are a sacred animal to Hindu's and are considered to be a symbol of good luck and wisdom.  Whilst learning at home we had a go at making different animal masks.  How many animals can you spot? Back at school we used collage techniques, including tearing, to make tiger faces.  We also practised our cutting skills to make some super elephants!


We listened to the story 'Elmer' by David McKee.  We thought about our favourite part of the story.  We had a go at using pastels to create our own Elmer patterns.