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Arts week- Mexico

This week is arts week.  Our class is learning all about Mexico.  

Today at school we made our own Mexican mirrors.  We used tin foil for the centre.  We looked at different colours and patterns.

We have been writing fact files about Mexico and have been doing art based around Mexico.  Below are photos of what we have been doing at home.

Fact files

Here are some of our fact files about Mexico.  Everyone tried really hard to include interesting facts and to remember the features of what makes a good fact file.

Costume Design

We learnt about traditional Mexican dress during English and then for topic we had a go at designing our own Mexican outfits.  Look at all of the colours and patterns we used!

Mexican Mirrors

In Mexico, mirrors are sold on the market using cheap materials like tin.  We had a go at creating our own Mexican mirrors using tin foil.

Aztec Sun

The Aztec people lived in the 1400s and 1500s.  They were famous for farming and for  hieroglyphics. The sun stone was very important for their religion.  We had a go at making our own Aztec suns.