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Squirrels 2021-22     Year 2

We loved decorating our thumb pots.  We chose colours that we liked and then sealed the paint with a PVA glaze coat.  Look at our amazing designs!

In maths we are learning about the capacity of objects.  We loved filling different containers with water and pouring them into a measuring jug to see how many ml of water each container could hold.  We recorded our findings on clipboards and then compared the capacity of different objects.  We had so much fun!

Today we learnt how to shape clay and to make it smooth.  We loved making our own clay pots.  Next week we will be painting them in our own design.

Today we had a go at mixing paint together to make orange, green , purple, brown, and light blue.  We learnt that the primary colours are red, yellow and blue.

Sports week

Monday- Hockey

This term we are working on our game skills.  This week, we looked at what skills are needed for hockey.  We learnt how to dribble a ball, dribble around cones, and shoot to score.  We learnt how to control the ball and look where we are going.  We had lots of fun!

We learnt how to play two games.  The first game was goal gate, where we had to try and score a goal past our partner and through the cones.  The second game was pirates.  We used a hockey stick to dribble the ball/ gold and our partner had to try and steal the treasure.  We had so much fun!

Tuesday- Pilates

Today we had a go at Pilates.  We talked about how to strengthen our core muscles.  We had lots of fun.

Wednesday- Karate

We really enjoyed our taster session of karate today.  We learned different kicks and punches.  Look at us go!

Thursday- Mini Kixx Olympics

Today Mini Kixx came into school and ran an Olympic Session.  We really enjoyed ourselves.

Friday- Dance

Today we had a go at street dancing.  We loved all the cool moves!  Watch our dance below.

We had a fantastic day celebrating the Queen's Jubilee.  We played games, created artwork and sung the national anthem.

Here we are enjoying our tea party and showing our artwork to the rest of the school.

We used cotton buds and paint to make a Union Jack flag in the style of pointillism.

We created our own guards using a lollypop stick and a pompom.  We also made our own crowns.

In computing today, we designed our own bunting to decorate the classroom.  We all thought of something about the Queen's Jubilee and made our flags individual.  They look fantastic in our classroom!

We looked at the Union Jack flag and talked about why we use it.  We looked at the colours of the flag and carefully coloured in the flags for our classroom.

Today we designed stamps for the Queen's Jubilee.  We thought about who to put on the stamps  and tried really hard to colour neatly.

Congratulations to our raffle winners this half term.  Well done to everyone who read so many times at home!

This week we have started learning about the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.  We have been learning songs to celebrate and have talked about differences between present day and the past.  This week we looked at different photos of the Queen and noticed that she wears a lot of different coloured hats and dresses.  We then made our own Queen collages.  We drew the Queen and then chose which colour clothes to make.  We tried hard to stick them neatly in the lines.  

We had a FANTASTIC time on our school trip today to the Lyceum Theatre in Sheffield to see The Gruffalo.  When we got back to school, we watched the Gruffalo's Child and had our lunch.  In the afternoon, we followed instructions to make our own Gruffalo artwork.

Today we read the story 'Elmer' by David Mckee.  We love the message of the story of being different.  We then had a go at writing the story ourselves using all the features of writing we have learnt this year.

This week we have learnt about William Morris, who was famous for his repeating pattern wallpaper designs.  We created our own wallpaper about nature.

We wrote our own instructions about how to look after a dragon.  We thought carefully about what a dragon might eat, where it would need to sleep, and how to keep it (and us!) safe.

In  computing this term, we are learning how to make different pictures using Purple Mash.  So far, we have learnt about impressionism, pointillism and neoplasticism.  We learnt about the artists Piet Mondrain, Paul Signac, and Claude Monet.  We then used Purple Mash to create pictures using these styles.  Can you identify which art style we used for each picture?

We are really enjoying our English story this week.  We are reading 'Dragon Post'  by Emma Yarlett.  Today, we used adjectives to describe our dragon.

Today we enjoyed collecting natural materials to make our own nature-inspired pictures.  Tomorrow, we are going to write instructions to teach other children how to make their own pictures.

We loved conducting fieldwork on our school grounds today.  We took photos, used compass directions, measured, and used hoops to sample a part of the field.  We then worked on our teamwork skills by using the parachute to play some team games.  We had lots of fun!

Over the last few weeks we have been working really hard in our P.E. lessons doing gymnastics.  We have been learning different balances and have been practicing how to get on and off of apparatus safely.

We enjoyed learning about comic relief today and hearing about some of the lives that money raised has helped.  We also enjoyed designing our own red noses and completing other red nose day activities.

We really enjoyed looking at a variety of different seeds and bulbs today in Science.  We looked at the size and shape to see what we thought they were.  We are very excited to plant some!

World Book Day! 

Here we are dressed as our amazing characters.

We designed our own bookmarks to use every day.

We all brought an adjective to school today to describe the character that we were dressed as.  We drew ourselves and wrote our adjectives around the picture.  We then wrote some sentences to explain why we are brave, kind etc.

We had a fantastic afternoon talking to Steve Antony, the author of 'Goodnight Mr Panda, The Queen's Hat, AmaZing,' and many more books.  He taught us how to draw the Panda from his stories and we got chance to ask him lots of questions.  We had a great time!

We all discussed our favourite authors.  We wrote questions to ask them.  Some of us got chance to ask ours in person this afternoon if our favourite author was Steve Antony!

This week we read "Little Red Reading Hood".   It is a similar story to "Little Red Riding Hood" but the main character gets distracted in the forest because she is lost in her books.   Today we had a go at writing the story.  Here are some of our stories.  We tried hard to use:

  • Adjectives.
  • Paragraphs.
  • Commas in a list.
  • Onomatopoeia.
  • Interesting sentence starters.
  • A variety of conjunctions (and, but, because, when, if).
  • Exciting vocabulary.


We hope you enjoy our stories.

We have been very busy learning about the artistic technique of creating collages from small pieces of paper.   We decided to make collages of ourselves.  Can you see the likeness?

We chose to make the collage of ourselves because we have been learning about how important it is to be unique.  In R.E. we have been discussing different religions and talking about how important it is to be part of a community, just like our community is Squirrel Class, our school and our local area.  

Well done to the winners of our reading raffle for this term.  Here they are with their book prizes.  Every time you read 3 or more times a week, you are entered into a raffle at the end of a term.  I then draw 3 names out and the winners receive their own book.  We love reading in Squirrel Class!

We have been learning about the life cycle of a frog over the last few weeks.  Today we wrote our own fact files to show all the information we have learnt.  Look at how neatly we presented our work.  We used diagrams, captions, titles and subtitles to format our report.  Some of us included "Fun facts" boxes too.

We have absolutely LOVED storytelling week!  We really enjoyed making our own books, re-telling Goldilocks and the Three Bears with different characters, and loved reading a variety of books.  Click here to see videos of us reading our own books.

Today we learnt that computers can only answer 'yes' and 'no' questions.  We took it in turns to be the computer and the person guessing by playing a game of 'Guess Who?'  We thought about smart questions to ask (e.g. Do they have brown hair?)  rather than pointing to each person and asking if that was the person.  We really enjoyed this activity.

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about the artist Jackson Pollock.  Today, we created our own artwork inspired by his style of art.  We really enjoyed choosing colours that we liked or colours that represented our mood, just like Jackson Pollock did.

After looking at different features of writing over the last few weeks, we had a go at re-telling 'The Crow's Tale'.  Here is our work.

Over the last 2 weeks, we have been reading 'The Crow's Tale' by Naomi Howarth.  We have been learning and practising new features of writing.  We have practised using repetition, similes, expanded noun phrases and exciting vocabulary.  Here are some of our sentences in our sentence showcase.

Our new topic in computing is "questioning".  This week we made our own pictogram.  We decided what we wanted out pictogram to be about, chose categories, then asked our friends to pick what they/ which is their favourite.  After we made our pictograms, we considered what questions they can answer and what questions they can't answer.  We decided that pictograms are good for some things, but have their limitations.

We have really enjoyed our computing lessons this term where we learnt how to use spreadsheets.  We learnt how to:

  • Make a counting machine to count the number of objects of each colour
  • Make a magic square where we tried hard to make each column and row total the same.
  • Create  our own 'shop' with prices and calculate what coins we could use to pay for each item.
  • Make a graph by asking our friends what their favourite flavour of ice cream was and making a graph to show this.

We really enjoyed maths today.  After finding lines of symmetry on 2d shapes, we then drew half of a shape or picture and our partners had to guess what the whole shape was.

We had a great last day of term today.  We enjoyed playing party games with Owls class, we watched a fantastic Pantomine by 'Singing Hands', and we made our own party hats.  We also enjoyed playing in our castles at lunch time.  

We hope you all have a fantastic Christmas!

We have LOVED making our castles with a moving part.  We used them in a drama performance where we pretended to go back in time.  Do you like our drawbridges?

Well done on our winners of the reading raffle!

We are having so much fun making our castles!

Here we are designing our windows, flags and coats of arms.

Over the last few weeks, we have been learning how to sew.  We all learned how to sew a button on, sew neatly around the edge of our Christmas trees, and stuff our trees.  

This week we have been learning about 3d shape.  Today we cut out nets and made them into our own Christmassy shapes.

Here we are in our Nativity costumes.  Don't we look fantastic?  We hope you enjoy watching our Nativity video.  Merry Christmas!

We really enjoyed Christmas jumper day today.  We sung songs, did Christmas crafts and enjoyed a tasty Christmas dinner.

Over the last few days we have been looking at instructional writing.   We read some instructions about how to make a rocking snowman and then had a go ourselves.  Look how well we did!

This week we have been reading the story "Hansel and Gretel".  Today we had a go at writing the story ourselves.  We used paragraphs and presented our work beautifully.  We used adjectives, conjunctions, contractions, adverbs, commas, exclamation marks, speech marks and bold words.  We worked so hard!  

Usually I only choose a few pieces of writing for the website each week, but I was so impressed with every single Squirrel this week that I had to upload them all!  Well done!

In maths, we have been representing numbers in different ways to develop our understanding of place value.  Look at all the different ways we found of making each number!

We had a great day for Children in Need today.  We enjoyed designing our own Pudsey Bears and learning about who the money goes to help.

We have been reading "The tunnel" this week.  We stepped into the shoes of the girl and wrote our own diary entry.  Look at our beautiful handwriting, paragraphs and amazing vocabulary.

Listen to one of our Squirrels reading 'Zog'.  Listen to how he reads fluently and uses expression in his reading.  Amazing year 2 reading!

We have been learning about the gunpowder plot.  Today we wrote letters to Lord Monteagle to tell him about the plot.  We used adverbs, command sentences, the conjunction 'if', paragraphs, and we edited our work.  We tried really well to form our letters correctly.

We loved visiting 'Squirrel Cafe' today.  We chose the food we would like to buy and used coins to pay for them.

We then chose one item from the cafe and found different ways of making that amount.

We had a fantastic first day back in Squirrels.  We really enjoyed our creative session.  We wrote/ drew on wallpaper, used 'teacher pens' and clipboards to write anything we wanted.  We re-told the story of the Gunpowder Plot using blocks.  One squirrel even made a flag for the houses of parliament!  We also used our spelling wheel to practice our tricky spellings.

Today we had our raffle for those children who  have read 3 times or more.  Our three winners were vary happy to choose their book prize.

We have been working hard on our number bonds to 10 and 20 this week.  We have also been thinking carefully about our presentation.  Below is a good example of presentation from one of our Squirrels.

After our exciting drama lesson yesterday, we listened to some stormy music again and imagined we were in the middle of the sea during a storm.  We used commas in a list, bold words, exclamation marks, and amazing adjectives to describe what we could sea, hear, and how we felt.

Over the last few weeks we have been learning how to code.  Today, we brought all those skills together by designing our own background and characters, and then coding them.  We enjoyed adding sounds, adding timers, and making our characters move.

Today we listened to some stormy music.  We looked at lots of instruments to see which ones we could use to make the noises of the storm.  We went outside and participated in drama, showing  how we would feel if we were in a storm.  We also practiced rescuing people in a life boat.

We loved trying the life jackets on and getting in the life boat!

Mrs Mace and Mrs Hitchen enjoyed the lifeboat too!

Over the last few weeks, we have been reading "The pirates next door" by Jonny Duddle.  This week, we will be taking it in turns to read the book "A pirate's guide to landlubbing".  We will be reading in groups of 5 so that we can ask questions, talk about the book and find out interesting facts.

For P.E. this week, we had to see how fast we could run 40m.  We played some warm up games and then ran as fast as we could to the finish line.

Today we looked at a map and identified the features.  We then made our own pirate treasure maps which included a key.  We swapped maps with a partner and had to follow compass directions (North, East, South, West) to find the treasure.

This week we have been reading 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' by Judith Kerr.  Today we wrote book reviews to explain what the book was about and to say our favourite parts of the story.

We worked really hard in P.E. today.  We had to run around the cones and see how many laps we could do in 4 minutes.

Today we wrote descriptions of a desert island.  Can you spot the amazing adjectives and sentence starters that we used?

We were very excited this morning!  Our time capsule is going to be buried today so we went to see where it will be.  How long will it be before it someone digs it back up to see what life was like in 2020/21?

For our 'Wonder Time', we explored how many ways we could partition the number 43.  E.g. 21 + 22 = 43, 40 + 3 = 43.  We persevered and worked hard to find all of the different ways.

We had a great Mini Kixx session today for P.E.   Here are some of our action shots.

We are loving our new topic 'Land Ahoy!'  Today we looked at some pirate artefacts and practised using possessive apostrophes.  We have been very excited to hear a message from "Penelope the Pirate" too.  What a great start to year 2!

In maths today, we practised using the greater than, less than, and equals to symbols.  We worked in groups of 3 and took turns being a number or the symbol.  

Our first topic in Year 2 is 'Land Ahoy!'  Look at all the amazing artwork we have done!

Squirrels 2020-21    Year 1

For our last day of year 1, we decided to do a class dance to celebrate.  We hope you enjoy!

Here is our first week in Year 1.