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Wb 29/06/20

It has been a sporty week in Magpies! We have been taking part in Virtual Sports week and having a go at all sorts of sporty challenges. 

We have learnt all about the Olympics and were they originated from, made an Olympic torch, found out how to keep our bodies healthy and even designed our own medals. We found out about the opening ceremonies and in particular the Rio 2016 Olympics and the costumes, music, dance and floats. We all made our own carnival masks. They were so  bright and colourful! 





Wb 22/06/20

This week we have been learning all about London landmarks and the Royal family.  The children are really settling into their bubbles and are learning lots of new  facts.

With all the creativity taking place the children are learning resilience and perseverance and are able to be proud of their own achievements. 

Wb 15/06/20 

Magpies enjoyed their first week in school and we focussed on well being and settling into our new bubble. 

We've had a great day today learning about the planets in our solar system.  We used oil pastels to make the solar system and we then designed our own planets.  Some of us wanted planets made from cake and others wanted cheese trees!

Our last day before half term was busy as usual.

During the morning we  played pirate fitness games, found out about ‘The Titanic’ and other shipwrecks. We finished the morning with making our own message in a bottle.

It was so hot by the afternoon we decided to have a water galleon challenge. The children got into two teams and raced to see who could fill their bowl with the most water. Captain F chose the winning team.... ‘Pieces of eight’ .  

We finished the day by having a treasure hunt to see who could find the most treasure. All of  the children were so excited when they got to find out that they could  keep a piece to take home.

Robins have been busy making thank you cards for the staff at Kings Mill Hospital. Take a look at the photos that received from them, they were delighted with our cards.

We had a lovely day learning about puffer fish! They might look cool but they are  in fact deadly and one spike can kill! We made warning posters about not touching puffer fish and then had a super afternoon crafting our very own puffer fish. 

We've had a great day learning about teamwork and reading 'Starry-eyed Stan'.  We learned about starfish and crabs.  We saw how many acts of kindness we could do (e.g. saying something kind, giving someone a smile).  We made crabs using shells and pipe cleaners, we used bubble wrap to make star fish, made scratch-off paintings, and designed our own 'Stans'.  We did lots of dancing and singing and spent time talking about friendship.

Today we listened to 'Rainbow Fish'.  We talked about the importance of friendship and how to be a good friend.  We made our own Rainbow Fish.

On Wednesday we continued the theme of key workers and thought about how doctors help us.

Over the last few days, we have been thinking about our key workers and the amazing work they do for us.  We worked hard to make a message for them to say 'thank you'.  We also had our minute silence today for all the key workers.  We thought about all the people helping our country, including fire fighters, police, nurses, doctors, teachers, bus drivers, shelf stackers and many, many more.  THANK YOU!   

We have had a great day today learning about the human life cycle.  We drew half of our face with crayons and oil pastels from a photo of half our faces.  We wrote about our AMAZING bodies, sequenced the human life cycle and made skeletons.  We worked really hard and had lots of fun.  We liked singing and dancing to the skeleton dance.  

Today we have been busy bees by learning about the lifecycle of a bee. We did some science experiments learning about pollination using finger puppets, tasted honey and we made some fact files. Look at our FANTASTIC work!


We hope you had a lovely weekend enjoying the sunshine. Today the children in school have enjoyed learning about the life cycle of a butterfly (metamorphosis). They wrote facts in their booklets, listened to the story of ‘The hungry butterfly’  outside on the boombox whilst eating their own fruit; just like the hungry caterpillar. They  made a multiple of butterfly activities and we all enjoyed each other’s company. Stay Safe and see you soon.


Today we had great fun looking at different types of transport.  We started the day with a circuit course to get out bodies warmed up!  We made a class pictograph, sorted transport into land, sea and sky, made our own vehicles and made vehicles out of lego.  We read 'The day the crayons came home' and talked about different types of holidays.

What a GOOD FRIDAY we’ve had today. Lots of activities achieved both indoors and outdoors. We did plenty of exercise starting the day with Wake and Shake alongside a circuit course. We learnt about Good Friday  through a story, eating hot cross buns and making an Easter garden in the woodland using natural resources.  We filled in the day with painting our favourite rock and turning it into a decorated Easter egg as well as hapa zoma natural prints. Well done children and Happy Easter everyone.

Today we made a bunny egg holder for an egg that we decorated! We made them from card , paper and pom- poms for the nose and tail.

We watched Barnaby bear on the River Thames and made Lego trees and flowers. We then created Earth day posters with the pictures of our Lego models. 


Well what a fun packed day we had. We started with Wake up Wednesday then went onto  drawing things we learnt about Easter. After snack we went on a active Easter egg hunt on the field and finished off with jelly eggs on the playground; (Pickled eggs and hard boiled eggs were our favourite actions) ;)

After dinner we went into the woods and had a go at ‘hapa zoma’ ( Japanese art) using stones, leaves and flowers. Everyone was so busy but we still had time to go on an egg hunt to work out the Easter word.  After returning back into class some children chose to colour in one of our NHS/ rainbow window posters for their homes.  Well done children you were amazing.