What a super time we had in our first half term in Owls class, finding out all about superheroes. We found out about fictional and real-life superheroes and even had a visit from the firefighters based at Worksop Fire Station.  We found out all about how to keep ourselves and others safe and about all the fantastic work the firefighters do.  We also got a chance to explore the fire engine and even had a go at using the hose to put out ‘fires’. Our topic ended with an amazing Superhero graduation where we all dressed up as superheroes and got a chance to show all the work we had been busy doing.  We even got our parents to join in with our Superhero work out! Mrs Hall and Mrs Alder agree we are all super!

Look what Owl Class have been up to on Forest Thursdays… Don’t we look great in our waterproofs? Mrs Alder will be able to spot us when we are playing hide and seek on the field! So far we have learnt about Owls, Autumn and Spiders. This week we practised what we had learnt by making clay spiders and building giant webs in the trees. We enjoyed walking through the long wavy grass to hunt for sticks and climbing weaving carefully through the wool tied around the trees. This afternoon was a very wet one so Mrs Alder and the team tried to put up a shelter. This is something will be practising over the next few weeks! We will also be continuing to learn our fire rules so that when Mrs Alder thinks we are ready we can build a toasty fire to keep us warm and make a yummy snack.


What a super turn out we had for the Owl and Squirrel shelter-building showcase on Friday 26th May! Dads, grandads, uncles, brothers and friends came to work with the children out on the school field. Despite the wind, children and adults worked cooperatively to build some amazing shelters. Thank you so much to those of you who participated but also for the donations of equipment that the children will be able to use for future projects. It was fantastic to see children and adults communicating, problem solving, persevering, learning new skills and having fun! We would love to know what you think too. We would really appreciate it if you could pass on the slip below to anyone you know who was involved to complete it and return to school ASAP. Thank you again for your continued support.

What a busy start to the half term we have had! We launched our new topic called Lets Investigate Growing by looking at our school garden and thought about how we could improve it.  So we have started sowing seeds and planting different plants and fruits and vegetables outside in our garden area.  We have found out about what a plant needs to grow and we hope to see some results soon.  We have been having fun indoors too making seed packets, designing gardens, making garden ornaments and planting beans and grass seeds!  We have also been finding out about capacity using pasta and water to find out how much different shaped and sized containers can hold.

This week we have started our new topic Bright Lights and Big City.

On Monday we had a day in London!

First we used Google Earth to find where London is. Then we made binoculars.

We bought a return ticket for £10 and went on a train journey. Mrs. Hall was the ticket collector and checked and punched our tickets. When we got to London we used our binoculars to help us spot famous London landmarks.

We used boxes to make models of some of the landmarks.

Then we used our ticket to catch the train back to Worksop

Our topic this half term is Long Ago and we have been particularly focusing on the Victorians.

We had a fabulous topic launch where we travelled back in time to a Victorian classroom. Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Morris dressed as Victorian teachers and we had to follow Victorian rules! We had to sit in rows and we weren’t allowed to speak. All the boys did maths with Mrs. Hall and all the girls did copy book writing with Mrs Morris. Then we swapped over. In the afternoon we were able to role play Victorian schools.

We have also been finding out about what was invented in Victorian times such as the penny farthing and the telephone. We used the computers to find images of the inventors. We have learnt about famous Victorians such as Charles Dickens.

We have compared our kitchens with a Victorian kitchen and we have also enjoyed playing some Victorian games. We are all looking forward to our trip to Perlethorpe at the end of this term.



In our Memory box topic we have been remembering what it was like to be a baby and marvelling about how much we have learnt and grown.

Mrs Alder came to visit us with her baby to tell us all the things she can do now she is 9 months old. We were so good at asking questions and listening to the answers.

Some of us were brave enough to taste some baby food. We also designed our own baby food.

During anti bullying week we made super heroes. We worked together to make paper chains. And we learnt about STOP – Several Times On Purpose.

We have also been reading Owl Babies.



Look at our fantastic exhibitions at our dinosaur museum showcase. We had a fantastic time:)

The children have all settled in well and we've had a brilliant start to Year One. We have had a fantastic time becoming explorers as part of our 'Dinosaur Topic'.

It all began with an exciting Dino-Hunt where we found dinosaur eggs, dinosaur bones and Diggy the Dinosaur! We combined our learning with great enthusiasm creating artefacts and other exhibits for our Dinosaur Museum showcase.

We have even used clay to make our own dinosaur jaw and are really looking forward to showcasing our work in our museum.

At the end of our topic Paws, claws and whiskers all the adults were invited to join our showcase to show off all of the children's hard work . It also was a great opportunity to give the adults and children a quick glimpse of our fun packed trip at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Thanks to everyone who helped out during the trip and to those who volunteered to support.


In our topic of Paws, Claws and Whiskers we have been exploring lots of different art techniques.

  • We have looked at camouflage and used oil pastels to create our own camouflage pictures.
  • We have used collage and wax resist to explore different animal patterns.
  • We have created patterns on a snake and used careful cutting skills to cut out a spiral shape.
  • Following on from our trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park we are going to look at techniques used by famous artists to produce our own pictures of the animals we will have seen.

Our MAD SCIENCE showcase.

I'm not sure who had the most fun, the adults or the children? Everyone had fun watching and taking part in some mind blowing experiments. We watched our Scientist making lightning, whirlwind and bubbles using all kinds of different materials. 

Our favourite experiment was tasting the lemon dry ice vapour. It was so cool !!!

We have been very busy so far this half term in Owls class finding out about the different types of weather. We have enjoyed being outside investigating the wind, sun and shadows and all the changing skies. We are continuing to record the weather on our calendar using our weather stations and becoming weather forecast reporters within class and our winter role play area.

We looked at aerial views imagining what it would be like to be in the clouds. We even had a day where everyone was on the rainbow; what a splendid sky that was!!! Well done OWLS.


Over the past couple of weeks we have been practising for our Christmas performance with Squirrel Class. This year we will be performing ‘It’s a baby’ at Christchurch on Thursday 10th December. All the children have done a fantastic job of learning the songs and actions.

 Angels do some lovely dancing and the travellers get in a bit of a ‘tizzy’ performing an amazing Israeli style dance! The children who have been given a speaking part have been practising speaking loudly and clearly ready for our audiences. We are very proud of all the children especially the narrators who have had tricky lines to learn.

Well done to our Mary who stood in today doing amazing singing during our dress rehearsal and to our Innkeeper who has a main part in the story.

We look forward to seeing you all in church next week and hope you enjoy our wonderful performance.

September 2015

During our first week in Owls class we launched our 'Superhero' topic. We had lots of fun finding out about our own favourite superheroes and have been busy with lots of different activities.

We went on a superhero hunt and became trainees at our own superhero academy. We have used our superhero skills to investigate 2D and 3D shapes and have practising to become super writers.

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