This term we are learning about things that Wriggle and Crawl! We have five new class members who have joined our class… Caterpillars! They are currently at their eating stage but we are watching them because soon they will turn into beautiful Butterflies.

We are part way through reading the story, Fantastic Mr Fox by (our author of the term) Roald Dahl. So far, we are all enjoying this story and we have pretended to be Mr Fox writing a letter to the three farmers.

We have also been learning to tell the time, most of us can tell the time to the nearest 15 minutes and some of us can tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes!


This half term we have become… Street Detectives! We have started looking at the world map and identifying all the continents and oceans. We have then focused on the map of the UK and identified all the countries that make up the United Kingdom. From this we have then located Worksop and now we are starting to study our local community.


On Wednesday 14th March we had a fantastic time visiting the National Emergency Services Museum where we learnt all about how vehicles have changed over the years.

We were able to look inside real police cars, fire engines and ambulances. The highlight for most of us was seeing a real RNLI boat!


We have had a great start to 2018. Our new Topic is Muck, Mess and Mixture. We have been learning about the artist Jackson Pollock and have had a go at successfully making our own drip painting pictures.
We have also been busy scientists learning about dissolving. We investigated which solids dissolve in water and which do not.

It has been Maths week too so we have been playing strategy games such as, Nim 7, to improve our logical thinking. In addition, we have also became multiplication experts.


This term we are enjoying learning about castles and knights. We visited Conisbrough Castle and had an astonishing time!

Sept 2017

Our new and exciting topic for this half term is called “Land Ahoy!” During this topic we will go on an incredible adventure exploring what life is like at sea, researching historical voyages and creating our own imaginative stories set at sea.

We have had a visit from R.N.L.I. who told us all about keeping safe near water.

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