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Prospect Hill Infant And Nursery School

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Well Being

Lead Teacher:  Miss Shaw


What does wellbeing look like in Prospect Hill Infant and Nursery School?





We use a screening and monitoring tool called Thrive-Online® which identifies the developmental needs of individuals or groups and suggests actions plans to meet these needs so that children and young people can move forward and fulfil their potential. We use Thrive-Online® to screen all children at Prospect Hill Infant and Nursery School and then we use this data to plan appropriate activities to build into teaching to support social and emotional development as well as whole class lessons, which are a key part of our Relationships and Thrive Curriculum. We can then measure and report on the progress of whole groups and individuals over time.


A THRIVE Action Plan is a plan of activities tailored to support a child’s identified social and emotional learning targets. The activities are one-to-one and small group play and arts-based activities designed to help the child feel better about themselves; become more resilient and resourceful; form trusting, rewarding relationships; be compassionate and empathetic; and/or be able to overcome difficulties and setbacks.

Our THIRVE practitioner is Mrs Foy 



Take 5 Breaths

Is a breathing programme ran in school that teaches children the skills on breathing, grounding and awareness.



Emotional literacy support is delivered to emotionally vulnerable children. The programme touches on emotional awareness, self-esteem, social and friendship skills.  At our school our ELSA lead teaching assistant is Mrs Fudge. Click on the Logo for more information on how Elsa works in our school


Healthy Eating

We encourage healthy eating by providing children with a piece of fruit everyday from 'The School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme', which is a national government programme entitling all infant and nursery children a FREE piece of fruit or vegetable each school day.




Forest Schools

Forest Schools offers every child at Prospect Hill Infant and Nursery regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands on learning experiences in a natural environment.  Click HERE to find out more about our on-site woodland.



Singing is important for health, happiness and language development. In Prospect Hill Infant and Nursery School we sing every day.