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What a fabulous Forest session we had. First we listened to a tool talk on a Sheath knife and then we had a go at whittling wood with our own tools. The tool we used also had a blade a cutting edge and a handle and we all used them safely and whittled really well!! Great job Foxes

We had a FANTASTIC time on our trip to the Harley Gallery.

In art and DT we have been looking at architecture. This week we began making our own model buildings and considering ways to join the materials together. 

Today in English we looked through books to find synonyms of some common words like ‘said’ and ‘big’.

At our Christmas party we enjoyed dancing, singing and playing lots of fun games together.

We had a great time on Christmas dinner day!

This week in English we are learning about poetry. Today we enjoyed looking at and exploring lots of examples. We practiced reading them aloud with expression.

For our last forest school session we were so lucky to be learning about fire! We learnt about the fire triangle, the types of fuel such as kindling and about how to stay safe around fire. We all had a turn at creating sparks with flint and steel and some children even started a fire using this! We were so sensible and safe and we loved seeing a real fire, 

Our topic this half term has been ‘Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds’. We finished our topic by designing and making healthy sandwiches in DT using instructions we wrote in English. They were delicious! 

This week we had a fantastic forest school session about friendship. We started with a game in the fire circle where we found our friend. Then we shared a story called ‘Little Lou and the Woolly Mammoth’. When we looked around the forest and found pieces of the mammoths beautiful wool! We used this to tie knots and make a friendship bracelet. We finished our session with ‘play and explore’ where we enjoyed the mud kitchen, discovery tray, stage and much more! 

We loved our first forest school session. We enjoyed exploring the woods and identifying hazards. We learnt to tie a knot to make our hazard sticks and used natural resources to make pictures on the forest floor.

We had a super time at Christ Church. We learnt about the features of a Christian Church and the special clothing Rev Lima wears. We enjoyed singing with Rev Lima too.

This half term in PE we are doing gymnastics. We have been exploring different ways of travelling as well as different balances. We have balanced on the ground and now are working on balancing at different heights on our apparatus.

We are loving our first computer topic in Year 2. We are being computer programmers and having a go at writing code. We learnt how to make algorithms and debug.


Today we made paper boats and tested to see if they would float. We then explored which other items might float or sink.

For our DT work we have been exploring using clay. We planned our design of a sea creature and then used our hands and tools to model the clay. We are so proud of our work! 

What an amazing morning we had with the animals from White Post Farm! We met a guinea pig, some rabbits, a gerbil, a mouse, a bearded dragon, a snake, some cockroaches, a giant snail and even a tarantula! We learnt lots of facts about their habitats and diets,

All the Foxes were so brave and had a brilliant time. 

This half term we have been working with the 2Go programme on Purple Mash. We have been learning to use the direction keys to map out a route and create simple algorithms. 

We have had so much fun perfecting our new skill.

As part of science week we completed an activity called ‘Outdoor Gym’. We tried catching, throwing, balancing, skipping, hula hooping and using bats and balls. We had lots of fun keeping our bodies healthy,

In maths we have been exploring measures. Today we used balance scales to compare the weight of 2 objects using the words heavier and lighter.

We have had a wonderful arty afternoon. We have been making portraits of the Queen and exploring colour mixing using paint.

In computing this half term we are learning about algorithms and programming a Bee-Bot to follow a path. We had a great time today exploring how they work.

We have been using all the natural resources brought in by the children to make rubbings of their different textures.

Our new topic is The Enchanted Wood

Today we went outside to explore our school environment. We collected loose natural materials like sticks, leaves and bark. We then used these to complete transient art activities and see what we could make. Look at our fantastic work!

We have been learning how to draw an Arctic Fox. Look at our amazing work!

We had a fantastic time on our Christmas dinner day! 

We have been practicing our adding skills by playing addition board games 

We had a great time in PE today dancing with a partner. We made some fantastic shapes! 

As part of our topic Polar Explorers, we have been learning about ice. Today we worked as a team to free some Lego bricks from ice. 

This week we have read the story 'Cave Baby'. Look at our super caves!

We have been enjoying the story ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. We had lots of fun retelling the story using puppets.

This half term our new topic is Polar Explorers

This week we have made some DIAGONAL moving pictures. We made an explorer who was climbing a mountain!

We have made a start on our DT topic of moving pictures. We have made an orca which moves on a slider. Next we will add the background to show other animals and the landscape of the Arctic.

We have been learning how to draw animals that live in Antarctica. Have a 

look at our fantastic penguins and orcas...

In music this half term we have been working on finding the pulse. We have used actions, clapping, tapping, playing claves and even keeping the pulse on a glockenspiel! 

In English this week we are reading ‘Handa’s Surprise’. We have touched, smelled and tasted pineapple, mango, kiwi and melon - just like the animals in the story!

This week we are learning about firefighters. Today we learnt that if we caught fire, we should ‘stop, drop and roll’.

We work together and share the resources using our CHIL time

Can you guess who is behind the superhero mask?