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Year 1   2023-2024

March 2024

Wow!  What a fabulous showcase we had!  It was really great to see so many parents and grandparents. The children enjoyed asking questions about the toys the grown-ups had brought in. We made a fabulous timeline with toys from the 1960s to the 2020s. With the toys all laid out on our time line we could easily see the similarities and differences between toys from the past and modern day toys. We had a great time playing all the different games including Beetle Drive, Tiddlywinks, Marbles and Noughts and Crosses. It really was a fabulous showcase. Well done Foxes!  We are really proud of you! 

We really enjoyed our virtual visit from the author and illustrator Steve Antony.  He read us his story UnPlugged and then showed us how to draw the character Blip.  We drew our own version of Blip alongside Steve Antony as he gave us instructions as he drew.  He then told us we could add our own choice of shapes for the buttons and add our own colours. We also named the characters we drew.  We were really inspired by Steve as he told us anything is possible and we can all create stories of our own.  Thank you Steve Antony and well done Foxes!  Look at our amazing illustrations!

During our D&T session this week we worked in our groups to make our fairy house following our collaborative design. We chose our materials carefully and tried out different joining and fixing techniques. We now know how to use a hinge, tying, a flange, tabs and threading to join materials together. We followed our designs carefully to make the finished product. We cannot wait to put our fairy houses in the forest when we have our next forest sessions with Mrs Reynolds after the Easter holidays. We really hope the fairies like them! 

Today during Art we worked on larger sheets of cartridge paper to explore marks that can be made with watercolours and various techniques and brushes. This week we worked towards developing imagery from the imagination to know we can use the element of surprise and accident to help us create art.  

This week we started a new sequence of learning in History.  This half term we will be learning all about toys, what makes them special and how toys have changed over time.  This week we brought in our favourite toy from home.  We talked about our favourite toy and what makes them special.  Some of the toys we brought in were new toys, some we remembered getting them for a birthday and some were toys we had for a long time.  We loved sharing our toys and the memories we had.  Well done everyone!

What a fabulous Phonics Showcase we had on Tuesday.  It was lovely to see so many parents.  The children really enjoyed showcasing their phonics learning.  Well done Foxes!

January 2024

In our Art lesson this week we continued our learning about sculpture.  We remembered the knowledge from last week that sculptures are art work in 3 Dimensions.  We used different materials to explore and make our own sculptures.  We know that playful exploration can generate ideas.  We made some wonderful creations!

January 2024

What a fabulous first forest session with Mrs Reynolds. This week we were learning how to know and remember the safety rules and to know the hazards to look for to keep us safe. We talked about and practised the Fire Rule and we even found some Chicken in the Woods!  This is a type of fungi that is safe but Mrs Reynolds reminded us of the importance of not touching things we see in the woods if we are not sure what they are. Then we had lots of time to explore the woods. We found out that young holly leaves are smooth and older holly leaves are prickly. We drew, found animals that were hidden in the woods, made a puppet show in a den, used littler pickers and wheelbarrows to collect things and made delicious mud pie recipes with lots of secret ingredients! 

January 2024

Our PE sessions this half term will be Gymnastics with Coach Connor from Kixx. This week we were learning to know how to roll. Coach Connor showed us three different rolls- a forward tuck roll, a pencil roll and a bear roll. We had great fun trying the different rolls. 

January 2024

In our Science this week we were learning to know how to describe and compare seeds and bulbs. We used magnifying glasses to look closely at the seeds. We decided that the Marrigold seeds looked like tiny little caterpillars and the reddish seeds looked like tiny rabbit droppings!  We can’t wait to find out more about plants and how they grow over the next few weeks 

What a fabulous Christmas Party Day we all had! We had great fun listening to Christmas music and making our crowns for the party.  In Foxes Class we all made a Christmas card and sent them to Squirrels class  so everyone got a Christmas card, and Squirrels Class made Christmas cards for us!  We really enjoyed our Party Food Themed Dinner too!  What great movers we all are.  We got to show our dance moves in the hall and played party games.  Pass the Santa hat was so much fun.  What a busy day we all had!  Merry Christmas Everyone!

In PE today, we finished our gymnastics unit of work by combining all of the elements we have learnt this half term including a starting position, travelling in different ways, balancing, different types of jumps and finishing positions.


We used small and large apparatus and all did an amazing job following the leader and making up some brilliant routines!


Mrs Robertson was very proud of us all! 


Maths Story Book Day

We listened to  the story ‘How Many Legs?’ by Kes Gray and Jim Field.  We loved listening to the story and trying to work out how many legs there were each time a new animal joined the party. We had great fun pretending to be the animals and trying to work out how many legs there were altogether. Ask us if we can remember! 

In Design and Technology our project was to investigate, design and make a winter themed moving picture. We started by investigating sliders, levers and spinners. We chose to make our pictures with a slider. We designed our background and made our character. We then cut our design so the slider could move across the picture. We used a whole punch and scissors to do this. Our finished pictures are fantastic!  What do you think? 

Wow!  Foxes were amazing today.  They all really enjoyed their Christmas Performance and sharing the story of the Nativity with all of their grown-ups!  The singing was fantastic and the children all remembered their words.  So proud of Foxes - you are all superstars!

In Science this week we did an experiment to find out which materials are waterproof and which materials are not waterproof.  We listened carefully to the instructions to carry out the experiment.  It was great fun.  Ask us what we found out!

In Maths this week we are learning all about shapes.  As an extension activity we had to explore the different shapes and find out which ones made the best towers.

We really enjoyed our visit from Grandad Wheels this week. He read us one of his stories. Then he asked us all to design a futuristic wheel chair for him. We came up with some fantastic ideas. Grandad Wheels loved our designs! What do you think?

This was our final cool down of our final dance session with Kaisha.  We have had a great half term learning different dance moves, learning how to put those moves into a sequence and then using these sequences to make a dance routine.  We look forward to seeing Kaisha again and we know the Year Two's will have lots of fun next half term

In this Dance routine we had to learn and remember the sequences of moves.  We also had to learn to count the moves to the music.  Kaisha was really impressed.

Check out our Dance moves!  In this dance we had to copy Kaisha to see what moves to do.  We had lots of fun and we really love this song!

This week in music we were learning about composing our own version of a song called Hey You!  We thought about what new words would fit in the rhythmic pattern of the song.  We had the theme of eating to help us come up with our ideas.  Then we practiced the song a few times.  We are really proud of the song we composed.  We hope you like it too.

In our dance sessions our dance teacher Kaisha is teaching us dance sequences that we are putting together to make a dance routine. We have really impressed her this week with our ability to remember the sequences and repetitions. We love putting the dance moves together to music especially as it means we get to sing along! 

In book club this week we all had a good look at the core stories for Year 1. We chose our favourite one and had fun exploring the different stories. We talked about why we chose that story as our favourite and loved sharing our ideas with the whole class. We really love our weekly book club!  

Today as part of our geography we went on a treasure hunt looking for treasure that a superhero alien had left for us.  We had to follow a map to find and solve the clues that led us to the treasure.  We found it!  Well done Foxes!

This week in Computing it was the second time we had used the laptops all at the same time. We logged in then opened Purple Mash and used our own pupil login. We then changed our avatars. We had a great time creating our own personal avatar to look like us. We all did amazing. Can you spot who is who?

The children had a wonderful visit from Hayley from Big Talk Education.  Hayley spoke to them all about how to keep our bodies safe and private. They practiced showing which areas they keep private and using scientific names for all of our body parts! Super job Foxes!

In our Art lesson this afternoon we were learning about pressure and the effect different pressure can have.  We found out that if you increase the pressure the marks you are making with your chalk become darker and bolder.  We created some fabulous art work on our playground!  Well done Foxes!