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Squirrel Class- Storytelling week!


We are really enjoying 'National Storytelling week'.  We have enjoyed making up our own stories and sharing our ideas with our friends.  We have looked at lots of different authors and have identified what makes their storytelling unique.   We love stories in Squirrel Class!   Below are some of the activities that we have done throughout the week.

Today we watched the video "The Clock Tower" on the Literacy Shed.  It is an animation without words.  We then made our own books to re-tell the story in our own way.  We loved being able to make independently and be our own authors.

In English this week, we re-told the story of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" and then changed the characters and setting to create our own stories.  We loved being creative and enjoyed using adjectives to describe our characters and setting.

This week we have been looking at how authors tell stories and the similarities and differences between these books.  This week we looked at four books by Oliver Jeffers.  Our favourite book was 'Stuck' because we loved how comical the story was.

In our class assemblies this term, we have been talking about democracy.  This week we had a class vote to decide what our favourite story was.   Our favourite story in Squirrel Class is ‘The Squirrels Who Squabbled’ by Rachel Bright and Jim Field.  The story is about two squirrels called Cyril and Bruce who argue about who should get the last acorn.  We love the story because it has an important message about friendship and sharing.  Our favourite part is when the acorn boings off the bear’s nose because it is very funny.