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Prospect Hill Infant And Nursery School

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                                Forest School Sessions

.                                                         2022-2023

FOXES and BUTTERFLIES CLASS had their first session in the woods. First we spotted all the different signs of Spring. We then  listened to the story of ‘Bog Baby’ sat amongst the trees on a big sheet of tarp. The children decided it would be fun to make their own Bog Baby and give it a home in the woods.  After giving it a home we then played and explored and finished with a game of 123 where are you .  We had lots of fun .

The children love  taking care of the birds and animals and all wanted to make more feeders using left over pears and bird seed. We noticed the birds singing in the trees and the plants shooting through the forest floor. 

Let's feed the birds!

To help the birds,Squirrel class chose to make bird feeders using pine cones, lard and bird seed. As you can see from the pictures some children enjoyed the feel of lard and others didn't. We all finished the session with Play and Explore. As you can see some children chose bug hunting, team games, mud kitchen and exploring.the woodland environment. 

Squirrel Class January 2023


Today was the first session of a New YearWe all had a lovely time learning about the safety and boundaries within the woodland alongside lots of team games. We looked out for different foliage and which ones to touch and not to touch. Learning how to tie a knot using hazard tape was a tricky challenge but we all persevered and put our sticks in a place to help others spot a hazard. We finished off with 1,2,3 where are you and then went back to class to get changed.

Thank you to all our volunteers for your help.  

Badger Class had a magical time in the woods today. Even though the weather was still really cold we kept warm by playing games around the fire circle and wrapping up warm. We then made sleigh bells using sticks  that were found on the forest floor and practised our knot tying skills. 

Ladybirds class had beautiful frosty woodland day today . We all wrapped up warm and looked at all the different changes that had happened to the leaves, trees and foliage. The spider webs were fantastic to look at. As the temperature dropped we decided to go inside and finish making our Christmas sleigh bells that we found around the woods. We all sang Jingle Bells and were delighted to find out that the sleigh bells we made were a gift from the woods and we could take them home to keep. 

Today was Badger's class to explore the woods. Everyone was so excited and had a fantastic time discovering and learning about nature. SEE YOU ALL NEXT WEEK x

There was a Gruffalo in our woods today ! A Gruffalo …why didn’t you know!

Ladybird Class had a fantastic afternoon exploring in the woods. Even though it was raining, the children didn't complain once as they all came dressed appropriately . Well done Ladybirds.