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Prospect Hill Infant And Nursery School

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We have enjoyed Children in Need day today. Take a look at our pictures.

We have been inspired by the work of the artist, Acrimboldo. We designed and created fruit faces. We practised cutting the fruit too. Look at our fruit faces. 

We have been learning the place value of 2 digit numbers. We practically partitioned numbers using tens and ones. 

In Science we have been exploring Autumn. Today we used our observational skills by drawing one half of a leaf. We have learnt that the deciduous trees loose their leaves in Autumn. 

We have started our new art topic called Spirals. We have been exploring using our bodies to make large scale spiral drawings. We had lots of fun. 

This week in Maths we have had lots of fun exploring the properties of 3D and 2D shapes. We played a game where our partner had to close their eyes and we had to put a shape into their hand and they had to guess the shape. We have also sorted 2D and 3D shapes into groups. 

We have completed our first Computing topic. We have been learning this half term all about online safety.  We have also been exploring Purple Mash. In our last sessions we created our own pictograms. We also practised inserting pictures from clipart onto a document and writing captions for each picture. 

This week in our Maths wonder time we had to see how many ways we could make 8. We did this practically with cubes and a part whole model. We then wrote down the number sentences. Some of us achieved the challenge of writing subtractions too. 

This week in Mini Kixx we played over arm throwing games. We had a ball, beanbag and a tennis ball. We had targets that we had to try and aim at. 

We are winners of attendance this week so this afternoon we enjoyed a chocolate treat from the special treat basket whilst watching The Rat Thief by Julia Donaldson. 

Today in Science we had to predict what was in each pot using our sense of smell. We recorded our predictions. We found out that in pot one it was chocolate. Inside pot two was vinegar. Inside pot three was mint and inside pot four was bread. 

This group of Owls have been working hard practising their number place value to ten. They have been using tens frames and numberlines to find one more of a given number. 

Today has been our second session of Mini Kixx. We had a great time learning how to throw, catch and balance beanbags. 

We have been busy making Owls. We used paint to decorate. We cut out the eyes, wings and beak for the owl. 

We enjoyed our first Mini Kixx session. We had lots of fun practising our throwing and catching skills. We also had a challenge to see how far we could jump and how far we could run!

We enjoyed our first Computing lesson today. We learnt how to switch on and switch off the laptops safely. 

We are enjoying our new classroom.