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We have planted sunflower seeds. We listened and followed the instructions. We also talked about what seeds need to grow.

In computing, we have started creating our own animated story books. In this lesson we had to create a character and type a description about the character. 

We have been busy making Easter crafts. Take a look at some of our pictures. 

This week we have been writing stories about Elmer the patch work Elephant. Every Owl did a brilliant job and worked so hard! Here are some pictures. 

We have decorated our classroom window with colourful flowers to spread happiness. We did this on the National Reflection Day.

Some of the Owls have enjoyed reading instructions in their guided reading this week. They had to follow the instructions to make a paper aeroplane.

We had a Big Brain Bill challenge to complete in our Wondertime this week. Using the small 9 triangles we had to join them to make one big triangle but we could only put sides together that added to 10. Every Owl tried their best and they were resilient learners.

We love to paint. Here are some pictures from our afternoon painting activity. 

Here are some pictures of our writing from this week. We have been authors and we created our own story based on The Queen's Handbag by Steve Antony. 

Here are pictures from our sponsored nose and spoon Red Nose Day. Owls did so well balancing their red nose on their spoon.

We have had a great first week back. It has been lovely to see everyone again. Everyone has worked so hard. This week, we have been learning about 3d shapes. We played a Maths game. We closed our eyes and our partner put the shape into our hands and we had to guess which 3d shape it was. 

We also had a hunt for 3d shapes in the environment. 

We had fun following directions. (forwards, backwards, left and right)

One of our Owls has drawn a rainbow. 

We celebrated Christmas jumper day. Here are our pictures looking festive.

We loved Christmas dinner day.

We have been learning how to sew. We have made hand puppets. Here are some of our pictures. 

We have revisited shape in maths. We recapped the properties of shapes. We also focused on patterns. We have problem solved about missing shapes in repeated patterns. We also had a go making our own repeated patterns using shapes and colours. Here are some of our pictures.  

We have found that the weather has been against us! We planned to go outside and scavenge natural materials to make Stickman. However, we have had lots of rain this week and so the ground has been too wet.  Hopefully, the weather will improve soon. So, we came inside and we used what we could find in the craft cupboard. We made Stickman using art straws. 

This week we have been writing descriptions. We have been learning that an adjective describes a noun. Here are some pictures of our work describing the setting from the story Stickman by Julia Donaldson. 

In Design and Technology we have been designing our own Stickman based on the story Stickman by Julia Donaldson. We have labelled our drawing with the materials we are going to use. We are looking forward to the next step when we are going to be making Stickman.

On Wednesday afternoon we ended the day by doing some quick drawing. We had to follow the step by step instructions. Can you guess what we have drawn?

Yes it's an Owl! Here are some of our pictures.

Some of us have been historians. We have been reading facts about The Great Fire of London. When we read a sentence we had to see if we could match this to a picture. We then shared the facts  we had read to the rest of the class.

We have made split pin poppies to put in our class window for Remembrance day. Here are some pictures of us making the poppies.

We used oil pastels to make firework pictures. We focused on the skill of blending colours together to make our pictures darker or lighter. We really enjoyed this activity.

In Maths we have been working on the objective: to reason about numbers in the number system. We have been using the more than, less than and equal to signs when comparing numbers. We enjoyed playing a game when we rolled two dice and had to write the numbers in the two boxes. We then had to make the correct signs to show if a number was more than, less than or equal to.

We have investigated our sense of smell. We had to smell four pots and predict what was in each pot. We then discussed which smells we thought were pleasant and unpleasant. Most of us did not like the smell  of garlic but we did like the smell of lemon.  We then shared our ideas of why our sense of smell is useful. 

We have been practising measuring with a ruler. We did some practical activities in the week and here are some pictures from our lesson when we consolidated our learning. 

In Maths we have been learning about properties of shapes. We have been talking about shapes that have straight and curved sides. We have been finding out about how many corners and sides some shapes have. We played a shape game when we had to describe a shape to our partner and our partner had to guess what the shape was.

In Science we have been learning about our five senses. Today we investigated sound. We went outside on a sound walk and discussed what we could hear. We then investigated what happens when you moved closer and further away from sound.

This week we have looked at the artist Picasso. We looked at the painting of the Weeping Woman. We had a go at making a portrait in the style of Picasso. We learnt that colour reflect emotions so when colouring our pictures we tried hard to colour half in dark colours to show sadness and the other half in bright colours to show happiness.

In Art we have been learning about the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo. We looked at some of his pictures and we were inspired that he made his portraits using fruit and vegetables. So we had a go at making our own fruit faces. 

We have been reading the story Funny Bones. We made skeletons using art straws.

In Maths we have been practising counting on from a given number. We have also been practising adding two numbers together.

In history we have been looking at old toys and comparing them to toys that we play with now. We also sorted out pictures of toys and decided if they were old or new.