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Prospect Hill Infant And Nursery School

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The Intention of the Mathematics curriculum at Prospect Hill Infants and Nursery is that ALL children are taught to be competent and independent mathematicians. At Prospect Hill Infants and Nursery it is our Intent that children:

  • Have a focus on learning maths in an enjoyable and fun way
  • Develop a strong grounding in number to give them the building blocks for the future
  • Develop fluency in counting orally
  • Develop an understanding of 1 to 1 correspondence to enable them to count objects
  • Experience practical situations of addition and subtraction
  • Develop a deep understanding of numbers and the number system, and the patterns and relationships between them
  • Develop an interest in solving problems and exploring mathematical concepts
  • Will encounter challenge and deeper understanding at every stage in their development
  • Will be supported to develop mathematically from their own starting points  



At Prospect Hill Infants and Nursery Maths is Implemented through:

  • A daily CLIC lesson using the principles and resources from Big Maths this may be part of the Maths lesson or it may be in addition
  • Opportunities to apply basic skills learnt to practical situations, eg. shop role-play, measuring objects, etc 
  • CPA (Concrete, pictorial, abstract) is at the heaart of teaching and learning. Manipulatives are used to introduce new concepts to all children.
  • Skilled questioning to provoke mathematical reasoning and in-depth discussions about concepts
  • Extension activities to secure mathematical skills and knowledge and develop learning at greater depth
  • All classes will have a Maths display that is used daily and updated regularly to support current learning in the lesson
  • Encouraging visualisation of mathematical concepts and the use of jottings to help working out
  • Opportunities for applying the skills learnt in maths in other areas of the curriculum
  • Our teaching staff use the objectives from the national Curriculum to plan their lessons using White Rose Maths, NCETM and NRich as just a few areas to support teaching and learning ideas.



At Prospect Hill Infants and Nursery our intended Impact is that:

  • Children develop positive attitudes towards maths that continue throughout school and the rest of their lives
  • Children develop the basic maths skills that they need to move onto the next stage in their education and into adulthood
  • Children will tackle challenges with enthusiasm and have a resilient attitude that enables them to persevere when things are difficult
  • Children have high aspirations about what they can achieve in maths with perseverance and a growth mindset
  • Children will have a ‘have a go’ attitude and will see mistakes as part of the learning process
  • Children will have a quick recall of facts 
  • They will be able to apply their understanding to a range of contexts and representations
  • Children will achieve the expected standard for their year group