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Prospect Hill Infant And Nursery School

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Welcome to Prospect Hill's Memory Garden 


The year 2020 is a year that we won't forget easily. We have made our own little memory garden as a tribute to those who were a part of the community, the emergency response and the recovery effort. This our way of remembering what happened. A place of reflection. 

Everyone at Prospect Hill Infant and Nursery had a part in making the memory garden. Everyone decorated a pebble. We decided to use bright, colourful colours just like a rainbow.  This is because  during the pandemic a rainbow was a symbol of hope.  

Buried underneath the memory garden is a time capsule. Over the last year we have collected items to put inside. You can see in the picture below what we have put inside our time capsule. We have explained to our children that the time capsule is preserving a specific time in life.