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March 2023

Coach Aiden came in from Kixx and did some games with us in the afternoon. We had lots of fun!

March 2023

We brought in props from our favourite books for World Book day!


March 2023

Mrs Smith brought in some of her fossils to show us. We could hold them and pass them round. Do you know what they are?

We had an ammonite, fossil fish, mosasaur skull and dinosaur poo amongst other things.

February 2023

The morning children had a visit from Penny from Caterpillar Music. We sang and moved to lots of pirate songs.

January 2023

We had great tasting foods for Chinese New Year!

The afternoon children loved prawn crackers best.

The morning children thought the noodles were sticky like glue.

The other morning group enjoyed prawn crackers but didn’t like the sauces.

December 2022

Hedgehogs loved wearing their jumpers for

Christmas Jumper Day. 

September 2022

Our morning children have been busy this week - busy is our word of the week too.