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Today we had a go at skipping.  To warm up we played one of our favourite warm-up games called Dragon's Tails.  We played this game in two teams.  Then we had a go at skipping.  We practiced the skills using large hoops and skipping ropes.  Even though lots of us had to use Big Brain Bill to keep trying we had great fun!


Today we had a go at Hockey.  We learnt how to hold the hockey stick with two hands and tap the ball to move it with control. We practiced this skill then had a go at moving in and out of the cones.  We thought that the hockey balls were quite heavy at first but then once we had practiced holding the hockey stick and tapping the ball forwards we realised we could do it!  Well done Foxes


This morning we had our sport session with Tiff From ACMAC doing Martial Arts.  Tiff taught us some different punch and kick moves.  We loved practicing these moves, especially when using the pads. We also learnt the set position which we used each time we finished our moves.  We started and finished with a bow!  


This afternoon we had a sports session with Coach Tom from Kixx.  First we played a game where we had to run through the tunnels to collect super powers.  Then we practiced passing the ball by rolling then kicking.  We finished with a game of Hunters and Dinosaurs!  We have had great fun today!


Today we have been dancing like Cowboys and Cowgirls! Yee ha! 


Have a go at home by following the Just Dance tutorial-

Wii Workouts - Just Dance - Cotton Eye Joe (



Today we have been learning some circus skills with Holly. We loved using all the different equipment to practise the skills performers use to entertain a circus crowd like hoop skills and throwing and catching. After that, we played some really cool games.