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 Today we worked on our athletic skills of throwing. We practiced our aiming by throwing beanbags into hoops using both over arm and underarm throws. We also had a go at throwing javelins, learning about correct stance and using our other arm to help guide us. 


Today we had a go at some yoga. We explored different poses including tree pose and dinosaur pose! 


 Wow - what an exciting day! Today we met a real Olympic athlete. We had an assembly with Ollie Hynd - a gold medalist! He then let us all touch and hold his medals and taught us some swimming warm up activities.

We feel so lucky to have had this amazing opportunity!


Today we had lots of fun trying some street dance with Kaisha from Elanic Fitness. She definitely tired us all out with her energtic routines! We had a fantastic time!


 Today we welcomed Tiff from ACMAC martial arts. She taught us lots of techniques for kicking and blocking. We even had a go at breaking her board with our new kicking techniques!