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Art & Design


We consider art education to be a fundamental factor in a child’s development. Through studying Art & Design children can develop their own identity by responding to the world in their own individual way. We believe that creative activities motivate and inspire children and allow them to express feelings and beliefs in a non-threatening, enjoyable way. We aim to provide a rich, stimulating environment in which children can express their creativity in a variety of ways and to foster enthusiasm, enjoyment and awareness of Art & Design.



The intent of our Art curriculum is to deliver a curriculum which is accessible to all and that will maximise the development of every child’s ability and academic achievement in the area of Art.

We intend to build an Art curriculum that results in the acquisition of knowledge and skills as set out in the National Curriculum. 

We intend to saturate our Art curriculum with rich vocabulary, high quality stimuli and experiences that will inspire, motivate and foster a life-long appreciation for Art & Design.

We intend to thread creative and critical thinking into all aspects of the Art curriculum.



The National Curriculum and the EYFS Framework are used to plan the curriculum.

Our Art curriculum is underpinned by a clear set of skills, sticky knowledge and key vocabulary with a clear progression from EYFS to Year Two. Pupils are given the opportunity to develop both the substantive (practical and theoretical knowledge) and specific disciplinary knowledge they need for the next stages in their learning journey.

 In Key Stage One, we have chosen to follow the Access Art Primary Curriculum. This brand new scheme has helped us to plan and deliver a really exciting, rich and forward thinking visual arts education, whilst at the same time giving non-specialist teachers the support they need to feel confident and happy teaching Art & Design.

A topic based approach is used within the EYFS, The EYFS long term plans detail how Art & Design features within the half-termly topics.  The subject lead for Art has been instrumental in developing these plans.

 Enrichment activities linked to Art & Design feature regularly in the planning cycles and some showcase/community events have an artistic theme.

 Open ended art based tasks and skilled questioning techniques are used to encourage creative and critical thinking.  Child initiated learning time is also used to encourage children to develop their own artistic ideas and fascinations.

 Children regularly take part in outdoor learning linked to Art & Design. Our Forest School area provides an excellent stimulus for Art & Design.


Our pupils attainment in Art & Design will be inline or exceeding age related expectations.

 Our pupils will make good progress from their starting points.

Our pupils will develop a life-long appreciation of Art & Design.

Our pupils will recognise the power of using Art & Design to express feelings, thoughts and ideas.