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Today we started our Sports Week by playing some team games.  We used the skills we have learned in our PE sessions and worked together cheering each other on.  We had a great time racing against each other.


Today we had a session with our Kixx coach.  As it was raining outside we had a look at some activities on the Kixx website.  Then we went into the hall with Badger Class to have a go at Javelin throwing.  Coach Hayden showed us how to hold the javelin and rock back and forth to gain momentum before throwing the javelin as far as we could.  We had a great time and Coach Hayden was very impressed with our throws!


Today we had a visit from the swimmer Oliver Hynd MBE who has represented Team GB at the Paralympics. He shared his journey with us in becoming a champion swimmer and how important it was to set a goal and never give up . He showed us the gold medals that he had won  in the London 2012 and the Rio 2016 Paralympics. We watched the 400m freestyle final in Rio 2016 where Oliver won the gold medal beating the world record at the time.  We then had a fantastic PE session led by Oliver.  What a wonderful day we all had!


Today we had a go at some Yoga.  We loved copying the moves and learning some yoga poses.


We really enjoyed our visit from Tiff from ACMAC Martial Arts today.  She taught us lots of new skills and techniques including kicking and blocking.  We used these skills to have a go at breaking her board.  It was fantastic!