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If you would like more information regarding the curriculum our school is following please contact 01909 486374, or speak to your child's class teacher.

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Letters and Sounds

Websites to support Letters and Sounds at home


Phonics sessions are taught daily from Foundation 1 through to Year 2.
At our school we follow a structured Letters and Sounds programme that is divided into phases 1-6.

Phase 1 begins in Foundation 1 which involves the pre reading and writing skills such as tuning into everyday sounds and recognising rhythm and rhyme. These are crucial in children becoming confident and competent readers and writers as they move through school.

Phases 2-5 follow a 4 part structured lesson on introducing graphemes (letters) and phonemes (the letter sounds).
The 4 parts to the lessons are:

1. Revisit and review (previous learning)
2. Teach (a new letter or word)
3. Practice (reading and/or spelling the new letter/word)
4. Apply (read or write a caption using the new word/letter)
By the time a child reaches phase 6, they should be confident in reading and spelling familiar words and have strategies to tackle unknown words. Phase 6 moves on further in reading and spelling by teaching the identification of words in different tenses, adding suffixes and identifying irregular verbs. Phase 6 identifies alternative spelling rules and the reading and spelling of more complex words.
You can support your child with this in many ways such as identifying letters and words in the environment and in reading books. Daily reading at home will support your child in reading, spelling and introducing them to new words, extending the breadth of their vocabulary.

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YEAR 2 Key Words

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Religious Education

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Assessing Without Levels

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