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We loved exploring sliders today.  We learnt how to make a cut across our page, then we made our own sliders.  We enjoyed re-telling the story of 'The Gingerbread Man' using our sliding pictures to help us.

Today we watched the video 'Bubbles' on the Literacy Shed.  The video has no words.  We then had a go at writing the story ourselves.  We used some super adjectives and tried hard to remember our best handwriting.  We then designed a front cover for our stories and stapled them together, making them into our own books.  We loved being authors for the day!

Here we are with our finished books.

Today was a lovely sunny afternoon in the woods. We made hedgehog feeders for the animals and birds using left over pears and sunflower seeds. 

We enjoyed exploring relief painting today.  We made imprints of different objects in plasticine and then used these to make prints.  We liked exploring how putting an object in at different angles changed our prints.

After reading Jack and the Beanstalk, we imagined what type of magic beans we would have.  Some of us decided we would eat them and that we would get magic powers, and others decided we wold plant them and something magical would grow.  We looked at what we could see, smell, feel, and what our beans would do.  We tried hard to include interesting adjectives.

We have enjoyed learning about capacity and volume.  Today we looked and different containers (shapes and sizes) and measured how many cups of water would fit in each one.  We talked about tall containers not always having the most capacity.

In Forest School today, we made bird feeders using lard and bird food.  We also loved exploring the Forest and working as a team to solve problems.

We really enjoyed playing today during CHIL time.  We enjoyed using Purple Mash on the computers, using play-dough, painting, drawing, and playing with our friends.

We learnt about the Maasai people who live a traditional way of life in Kenya.  We looked at photographs of necklaces that they wear to special occasions like weddings.  We noticed that there were a lot of triangle designs, patterns, and bright colours.  Here are our necklaces.

In P.E. today we learnt an African dance.  We loved dancing in our own circle and using our whole bodies.  Look at us go!

As part of our international week, we looked at the different food from the story 'Handa's surprise' which is set in Kenya.  We loved tasting all of the different fruits (pineapple, mango, avocado, blueberries, passionfruit) and seeing which ones we liked the best.

In computing this week, we looked at the flag of Kenya.  We then used Purple Mash to try to replicate the flags.  We thought really carefully about the colours and the design.

In maths we are really enjoying all of our practical lesssons learning how to weigh objects.  Yesterday we put an object in each end of the weighing scales to compare them.  We said what the heaviest and lightest objects were.  Today we used cubes to measure how heavy each object was.  We kept adding cubes until the scales were even and then recorded the number in a table.  We enjoyed comparing how many cubes it took to weigh our shoes.

For our second forest school session today, we enjoyed listening to Mrs Reynolds reading "The Squirrels who Squabbled".  Three squirrels came to join us during the story and we loved watching them jumping across the branches.  We learnt that a Squirrel's nest is called a drey.  In teams, we collected sticks and made our own Squirrel dreys.  We then finished with another game of "1, 2, 3, where are you?"

We have been looking at the story 'Handa's Surprise' this week.  The story is based in Kenya and we enjoyed learning about different fruits.  We are really looking forward to tasting some of the fruits next week.  We had a go at re-telling the story using lots of adjectives.  Look at our amazing writing.

This week we have been looking at how our hand prints can turn into artwork by creating pictures.  After making our handprints, we looked at photographs of flowers and tried carefully to draw them.  We cut them out and stuck them on our picture to make trees and flower bushes.  We really enjoyed this activity.

In P.E. this term, we are starting dance.  Today we worked individually to practice different movements, then worked with a partner to create a routine.  We really enjoyed showing our dances to the rest of the class.

In maths, we have been learning how to measure.  We have used cubes to measure objects and then used our hands.  We thought about which way of measuring was the most accurate.  Tomorrow we are going to learn how to use rulers to measure.

We loved our first Forest School session today.  We all had a lovely time learning about the safety and boundaries within the woodland alongside lots of team games. We looked out for different foliage and which ones to touch and not to touch. Learning how to tie a knot using hazard tape was a tricky challenge but we all persevered and put our sticks in a place to help others spot a hazard. We finished off with 1,2,3 where are you?

We had a fantastic Christmas party day today.  We enjoyed playing party games in the hall and having a disco.

We followed instructions of how to make a rocking snowman.

We had party food in the classroom and enjoyed pulling crackers and telling the jokes.  We also watched a pantomime.

We designed our own party hats and had so much Christmas fun!

We loved our Christmas puppet show today.  We enjoyed joining in and seeing all of the Christmas puppets.

We worked hard making our calendars for 2023.

Congratulations to the winners of our reading raffle this term.  Every time you read 3 times at home, your name is entered into a raffle and 3 names are pulled out.  Keep reading!

We really enjoyed making our Christmas cards this year.  We used our fingerprints to make the tree or wreath shape, and then added glitter and sequins.  Merry Christmas!

We loved Christmas dinner day!  We coloured placemats and enjoyed listening to Christmas music and eating our dinner.

Today we did our Christmas performance.  We loved re-telling the Christmas story and singing the songs.  Here are some photos of us in our Christmas jumpers, which we wore to perform.

We enjoyed learning how to safely use the apparatus today in PE.  We practised our jumps, balances and rolls too. 

We are really enjoying learning about animals in Science.  Today we sorted the animals into two groups.  We sorted them in different ways.  E.g. Animals that live on land and animals that live in the sea.  Animals that can fly and ones that can't.  Animals that have feathers and ones that don't.  Animals that are big and ones that are small.  Then we had to guess how Mrs Mace had sorted her animals.

We have been practising representing numbers in different ways.  Today we looked at the numbers 11, 12 and 13.  We practised using tens frames, dienes, tens and ones counters, place value fans, and counting the number of objects.

We loved leaning about Children in Need today.  We talked about how money is raised and the children and families that the money helps.  We then made our own Children in Need bookmarks and Pudsey Bear pictures.

This afternoon we played a game of 'phonics splat'.  We looked carefully at the sounds and saw how fast we could splat the sound that Mrs Mace said.

We are really enjoying gymnastics in PE.  Today we used apparatus and learned how to jump safely.  We also practiced our rolls from last week.

We have had a fantastic morning.  A few weeks ago, we learnt about the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldi.  He used fruit and vegetables to make artwork of faces.  We were inspired by this and designed our own fruit faces.  Today we enjoyed making them.  We learnt how to cut fruit and use knives correctly and safely.  We especially liked eating it at the end!

Here are our amazing spirals.  We really enjoyed choosing colours to make our patterns.

Here we are practicing drawing our spiral shapes and experimenting with lines.

Today we talked about the importance of Remembrance Day.  We wtched a video and discussed how it made us feel.  Then, we coloured poppies and talked about why we use this to help us to remember every year.

Our topic for the term is 'What has changed since my grandparents were young?'  Today we looked at lots of old toys and investigated how to use them.  We thought of questions to ask such as 'Who played with this?'  'When was this toy made?'  'What material is the toy made from?'

This week we found some mysterious items in our classroom.  After reading 'The Room on the Broom' by Julia Donaldson and looking for clues, we thought it might be the witch from the story.  We wrote her a letter to tell her we were keeping her hat and ribbon safe and she wrote us a letter back!  She also sent us some photos from her adventures around school.

In computing, we have been exploring Purple Mash.  We have linked our science topic (learning about our bodies and senses) to our computing and have created pictures of ourselves.  Some of us even managed to label our body parts too.

We really enjoyed our first day back after October half term.  In maths, we learnt about 3d shapes.  We closed our eyes while our partner put a 3d shape into our hands.  We had to feel the shape to figure out what it was.

We have been learning about how computers sort information.  Today, we turned ourselves into computers and practiced sorting shapes into two piles.  We realised that you could sort them into colours (red and blue), but you could also sort them into two piles by the number of sides they have (4 or less than 4).  We worked really well as part of a team.

In maths we have been learning how to add and subtract numbers.  Here are some of our Squirrels using cubes to help them to add two numbers together.

In English we have been retelling the story of the gingerbread man.  This afternoon, we designed our own gingerbread man.  Some of us even read a story to our gingerbread man.  We had so much fun!

Our topic this term is "I am unique".  Today we used mirrors to look at our faces.  We drew ourselves and talked about the similarities and differences.  We know that we are all special.

For our first computing lesson, we learnt how to correctly turn a computer, log in, and shut them down correctly.

We are enjoying our Mini Kixx sessions.  We are learning multi-skills and are having lots of fun.

This afternoon we looked at x-rays of the human body and felt our bones.  We talked about why our skeletons are important and then worked as a team to create our own life-size skeleton.   We worked hard to cut out the bones and to use instructions to piece them together.

In maths we have been looking at numbers to 10.  We have been using tens-frames to make and count numbers to 10.  We have also practised counting to 100 and counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s.

We really enjoyed making our own moving skeletons using split pins.  Our skeletons could move their arms to do the skeleton dance.

We have had a fantastic start to Year 1.  We have explored our new classroom, have been kind to our friends, and learnt about squirrels.  We made fantastic artwork using paint and sponges.  We stuck a squirrel onto our page, used paint, then peeled it off.  We loved creating our magic squirrel pictures.