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Prospect Hill Infant And Nursery School

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Story time

Every week Miss Shaw and Mrs Mace will read a story or poem to you.


We hope you enjoy this week's stories. Scroll down the page to see the videos.

The exquisite snowman


  • How many adjectives can you list to describe the snow?  Remember that adjectives are describing words.  E.g.  white, shimmering.
  • Can you draw a winter picture based on the snow we have had this week?  This could be the view from your window, a snowman you built, a picture of your garden etc.
  • Can you write an acrostic poem based on winter or snow?   I wrote an example for you below.

Poems about hibernation

Click here to read the instructions that show you how to make a hedgehog.

Click here to read about hibernation. (please note you might find it tricky to download on your phone)

Click here to read the eBook story, Don't Hog The Hedge (please note you might find it tricky to download on your phone)

Hoot by Jane Hissey

Hoot by Jane Hissey is a story about kindness.

After listening to the story, here are some kindness activities you could choose to do this week.

Read the Kindness cards. Try and complete one act of kindness a day. How do you feel when you have been kind? Click here for the Kindness cards

Discuss with your grown up or you could write down how to be kind towards others.

Can you follow the instructions and make a Kindness Cup and give it to someone in your house who you think has been kind? Click here for the kindness cup instructions

How can you be kind to yourself? Click here for the activity


The Squirrels Who Squabbled


  • Can you make a comic strip showing the events that happened in the story?
  • When you go walking, can you see any Squirrels?  You could take a picture, or draw a picture of the Squirrels you see.
  • Andy Goldsworthy makes pictures from natural materials: Can you make a picture using natural materials?
  • What is the moral of the story?   How can we learn from this?
  • Could you paint, draw, or make a Squirrel?  Can you find out any facts about Squirrels?  What do they do in winter?