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Prospect Hill Infant And Nursery School

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Reading Raffle 


Reading is such an important part of what we teach our children and the skills are life-long! We want to foster a love of books and reading. Your child's reading experience is much more than the reading book which comes home from school. Reading is happening all the time in a classroom and in the school. It is taught in specific reading and English lessons, but children are practising and using their 'reading' constantly across all subjects too.

At Prospect Hill Infant and Nursert School, we encourage all children to develop a passion for books and to explore those that they enjoy reading. Your child is provided with opportunities to read at school but we would also love to  involve you as parents and carers in your child’s reading at home.

We urge you to read regularly at home with your child for at least 10 minutes a day so they can become competent, confident and fluent readers.

Our Reading Challenge

Your child will be taking part in a challenge that will reward them for reading at home over the next year.

We will have our school reading raffle, where, if your child reads three or more times a week at home they will be given a ticket and entered into a half termly prize draw. The draw will take place in celebration assemblies half termly. At the end of every half term there will be three raffle tickets drawn from each class and the winners will receive a book.

Every week the class teacher will check your child’s diary and record on a classroom chart how many times they have read at home. Each week we will add to the child’s total.