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Prospect Hill Infant And Nursery School

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Foxes Class

Monday - Team Games

On Monday we enjoyed participating in some team games. We played 'over under', 'penguin waddle', 'pass the hoop' and many other games. We earned points for cooperating and good teamwork skills like encouraging our friends. We had lots of fun!

Tuesday - Kixx 

On Tuesday we had a fantastic session with Coach Hayden from Kixx. We competed in individual as well as relay races. Coach Hayden taught us about running techniques and starting positions. 

We also learnt how to throw long distances using an over arm throw.

Wednesday - Martial Arts

On Wednesday we had a fantastic session of Martial Arts taught by Tiffany from ACMAC. We learnt the names of lots of moves and had a brilliant time testing them out on the pads. We also used our amazing skills to smash Tiff’s board with our kicking talents! 

Thursday - Kixx invasion games and yoga

On Thursday we had another session with Coach Hayden from Kixx, this time focusing on invasion games. We learnt tactics to dodge, defend and attack. We joined in small groups with children from Butterflies class and competed at different games.

In the afternoon we did some yoga in class. We practiced our calming breathing, stretching and lots of different positions.

Friday - Samba dancing

On Friday we were lucky enough to be taught by a dance teacher called Jasmine. Lots of our family members came along to watch and some even joined in. We learnt lots of moves and performed a fantastic routine.