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Sports week

Monday- Hockey

This term we are working on our game skills.  Today, we looked at what skills are needed for hockey.  We learnt how to dribble a ball, dribble around cones, and shoot to score.  We learnt how to control the ball and look where we are going.  We had lots of fun!

We learnt how to play two games.  The first game was goal gate, where we had to try and score a goal past our partner and through the cones.  The second game was pirates.  We used a hockey stick to dribble the ball/ gold and our partner had to try and steal the treasure.  We had so much fun!

Tuesday- Pilates

Today we had a go at Pilates.  We talked about how to strengthen our core muscles.  We had lots of fun.

Wednesday- Karate

We really enjoyed our taster session of karate today.  We learned different kicks and punches.  Look at us go!

Thursday- Mini Kixx Olympics

Today Mini Kixx came into school and ran an Olympic Session.  We really enjoyed ourselves.

Friday- dance

Today we learnt how to street dance.  We loved doing the cool dance moves.  Watch our dance below.