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We have LOVED celebrating the Jubilee. We drew portraits of the Queen and decorated the pictures using collage. We also created our own Royal stamps. We know the Queen loves corgis so that’s why some of our stamps have dogs. In Computing, we made digital artwork for the Jubilee. Some of our digital artwork is being displayed in our local ASDA. We thoroughly enjoyed the Jubilee party that we had on Wednesday, we especially enjoyed the afternoon tea. We also decided to write letters to the Queen asking if she enjoyed the Jubilee and we also told her what a wonderful Queen we think she is. 

We enjoyed our afternoon tea. Thankfully the  rain stayed away and we had the glorious sunshine.

We made portraits of the Queen. 

We designed our own Jubilee stamps and we also created digital artwork. 

We enjoyed making crowns and the Queen's guards by decorating lollipop sticks.

Here are our letters to the Queen.